Metallica - Amy

Primark PU Biker Jacket, Topshop Brettan Stripe Tee, Topshop Embroidered Collar Blouse, Topshop Metallic Geomtric Jacquard Pelmet Skirt, Topshop Anchor Boots, Primark Gem Necklace, Barry M Lipstick

I'm not usually one for typical going out product but every so often my inner magpie comes out and I just can't resist something shiny! Though usually more of a Christmas time trend, Metallics are still going strong through spring this season and can bring a bit of sparkle to the dullest of English weather days.

This gorgeous Topshop skirt is definitely an anomaly in my wardrobe and I have been pleasantly surprised at how diverse such a stand out piece has been! I never thought gold could go with so much, especially in keeping with my own style preferences. The geometric pattern gives it another added bit of interest and the luxe texture makes it perfect for any dress up occasion.

With so many dimensions to the skirt, I felt no fear in pairing it with one of the most classic daytime tees you can get, the brettan stripe, without feeling like it was too casual but for that added bit of interest, I added my favourite embroidered collar blouse underneath the tee for another texture on the collar, and the chiffon popping out under the cropped tee.

I always turn to my biker on a night out so this was an obvious choice, and no collar and tee combination is complete without a statement necklace. If I go shiny, I go shiny so this gem necklace from primark seemed perfect and adds a bit of fun to the outfit :)


  1. Adore this look especially that necklace and skirt! You have the face of a model! Totally love it!
    You are amazing as always xx


  2. Loving this look!
    S xx


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