Smells Like Teen Spirit - Amy

Primark PU Jacket, Topshop Check Shirt, Topshop Mickey Tee, Topshop Floral Bodycon Dress, Topshop Eagle Necklace, Vintage Tartan Scarf, Topshop Check Socks, Topshop Aubrey Boots, Barry M Lipstick

Who doesn't love 90's Drew Barrymore? This total icon seems to be the leading reference to the 90's grunge revival that's happening at the moment and I definitely have no problem with that, she was an still is a total babe

Even though this outfit isn't what you'd jump to thinking of if you said the word grunge, some of the pieces give the genre a polite nod in a less obvious, and more feminine way.

You can't have grunge without a bit of check, so I went all out with the shirt, socks and scarf! 3 items could be a bit much but they are such minor details with the shirt just poking out or around the waist and scarf and socks being accessories rather than focal pieces I think I've just about gotten away with it

Black based florals create a girly, but not too girly, grungey feel and the bodycon shape compliments the oversized crop tee to show off a girly figure but still gives the outfit a bit of an edge

I finished off the look with a leather biker -the other staple you must need for a grunge based look, darker lips than usual, a statement necklace and of course, a chunky black heeled boot. To go a bit more down the grunge root, you could rip your tights or add a beanie for a more casual feel but I chose to keep the look quite clean. Clean grunge? Anything is possible.

Whatever your style or music preferences, give your wardrobe a subtle grunge-over this summer! You never know, it may bring out your teenage rebellious side, ad that's always fun :)


  1. nice outfit! xx

  2. Floral skirt is amazing and I adore the way you styled it! Just amazing! And boots are to die for xx


  3. lovely outfit!!!


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