Way To Wear: Pinafore - Naomi

Topshop Boutique Leather Pinafore, H&M Statement Plastic Square Necklace, Vintage Givenchy Shirt, Vintage Sunglasses, Ebay Transparent Clutch, ASOS Sheer Stripe Sock, Topshop Wedge Sandal

I'm a big fan of pinafores and jazzy vintage shirts so this post comes 'oh so naturally' to Amy and myself.  This Leather pinafore by Topshop Boutique has become a wardrobe staple for me and has aided endless outfits and events by being dressed up or down. As you all know I like to make brave and bold decisions with my dressing and my leather pinafore was certainly one of them!

Since moving to London last July pinafores really have become a godsend for me since the Pennsylvanian trends of 2012 and I have now started my own little pinny collection! Whether it be leather for the brave, denim for the playful or cotton for festival chic-  this is one thing I advise every girl to invest in. Go for denim as it can be worn all year round! They look amazing with crop tees underneath, buttoned up shirts, or even just a bikini for the beach, arguably one of the most versatile inventions to grace the fashion world. You will be pleased to hear there are shapes to suit everyone whether it be short, skater or midi, whatever you feel most comfortable the choice it there. 

Let' talk shirts...This vintage Givenchy shirt has got to be up there with one of my best vintage buys. The geometric pattern blends perfectly with the recent geometric influences yet the 70s big pointed collar gives it that real unique and vintage feel. I went all out and wore it with my statement  H and M square necklace which is so god dam uncomfortable but I just cant get enough of it! I love the colours and I love how 3D it is, it adds something truly spectacular to even the most simple of outfits and looks great with just a blazer and tee. Sorry guys but no simplicity with this outfit! I love the colours of the shirt and necklace together and where the pinafore is simple the detail makes the look me. To finish it off I wore my vintage sunnies, ASOS sheer stripe sock and a wedge sandal as the weather was glorious whilst out shooting in London (yes, summer might finally be upon us- which means no more shooting in sub zero temperatures!)

Here are some of my favourite pinafores on the high street at the moment....

Topshop Denim Pini Dress £36, ASOS Pinafore Denim Dress £38, River Island Midi Pinafore £28, Boohoo Ava Spot Pinafore £15

Whatever style decisions you make this summer make sure a pinafore is at the top of your list and be ready to rock on into summer pinny style! 


  1. nice!

  2. gorgeous!! Are you two going to Boohoo's press day? xx

  3. Awesome outfit!
    Love it!

  4. I really love your outfit and how you've combined everything!
    - Charlotte

  5. Love your take on this!
    S xx

  6. this is really cool, i adore that your pinafore is leather!

  7. Love the contrast in textures and color! Super cute


    Shai xx

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