Flower Power - Amy

Cath Kidston Shirt, Topshop Stripe Shorts, Topshop Andre Boots, BarryM Lipstick

There is this ball of light in the sky, what is it? I don't think I've seen it before? Oh, right that's the sun?! Bloody wonderful, Spring is here! and nothing says Spring like a good, floral based outfit :)

This beautiful shirt is from Cath Kidston, my absolute favourite homeware brand - if I had all the money in the world my house would just look like the shop. I adore all of there gorgeous floral prints and tend to sport iPad and iPhone cases, wallet and Oyster card case on a day to day basis as there clothing tends to be aimed at the 'older lady' but this caught my eye and I just couldn't resist. The traditionally male shape and style of the shirt means it is probably more suited to a younger customer, which is most likely why it was in the sale, can you believe!

Clashing prints seems to be coming a bit of a signature move recently, regardless of occassion and I decided to wear the shirt with these stripe shorts from Topshop. The blush pink pulls the pink out of the shirt perfectly and softens the look overall for a light and spring-y feel. I've kept accessories to a minimum to let the shirt take the lead and have worn black wedge boots for simplicity if I was to go out, but the return of the glorious sunshine is making me want to ditch the tights and go for a cute sock and converse for more of a laid back approach to this outfit! Maybe when the temperature hits double figures :)

What is your favourite piece of floral for Spring? Get it out while it's still sunny!


  1. Amazing outfit, those prints go so beautifully together!


  2. Love that shirt :) x

  3. Those shorts are lovely!


  4. Anonymous15.4.13

    this outfit is so cute :)



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