Way To Wear: Pinafore - Amy

Primark PU Biker, Vintage Blouse via Beyond Retro, Topshop Denim Pinafore, Topshop Frill Ankle Socks, Topshop Aubrey Boots, Topshop Heart Shaped Sunglasses

The most wonderful thing about pinafores is that there are so many different shapes, styles, fabrics out there at the moment is that it is impossible (and pretty silly) for you to not own one. I am a massive fan of a dungaree, so it is no surprise at all that this was the one I went for when I was choosing my staples for Spring and it's already been getting more than it's fair share of air play. Denim is always an easy fabric to wear so it literally goes with everything, whatever the weather (think, over a long sleeve bodycon dress in the winter and crop tops with shirt round the waist in summer) and the shape is flattering without being too girly girly - in my eyes, the perfect basic.

I wore this outfit on one of the few sunny days we've had this year, and with sun there must be fun so I wanted to get the heart shaped glasses out (the red also helps to bring the colour out of the shirt) so decided to go for a modern 50's girly outfit.

Like with all basics, I want to match the pinafore with something pretty stand-out-ish. This amazing vintage shirt was found in Beyond Retro near Brick Lane for just £8! The 50's shape and 80's pattern helped mould the rest of the outfit but it doesn't take the focus off of the pinny either.

Where the outfit is quite cutesy, a frilly ankle sock seemed like the perfect choice, but has been counteracted with a chunky black boot (surprise!) to give it that current/Amy edge to it. The same goes for the leather biker which tied in the shoes perfectly.

This goes to show a basic never has to look basic, and can be moulded into lots of different trends, even within the same season, just by choosing carefully what you wear it with! So invest in the pinny, it's going to be around for a long while.


  1. love your boots!

  2. those boots are sooo beautiful! xxx


  3. I love your shirt! So cool


  4. I love this outfit and your tattoo is so cute

  5. So cute!
    Love the blouse
    s xx


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