Check Yourself - Amy

Rokit Vintage Denim Jacket, J W Anderson for Topshop Cat Tee, Marks and Spencer's White Shirt, Motel Rocks High Waisted Tartan Shorts, Topshop Avenger Boots, Primark Sunglasses, Primark Clutch Bag

Just because you've hit your 20's, you don't have to act like it! On the other hand, just because 90's grunge is back in fashion, it doesn't mean you've got to revive items you own that need to be forgotten. In the fashion world everything is possible! So let's do grunge the grown up way!

Same as 'Smells Like Teen Spirit', let's start with some check. These absolutely incredible shorts are from Motel, circa 2006, when they had a little boutique in Oxford. I fell in love with them instantly, but somehow they were forgotten during the big move to London and I wasn't re-united with them until a few months ago and have been worn solidly ever since. The high waisted shape makes these a lot more grown up than your typical grungey ripped denim and is another way of playing with that tartan without a check shirt.

J W Anderson's collection are always for the bravest of fashionistas, not for the items themselves but how to style them as he intended. This cat tee is from is September 2012 collaboration with Topshop, around the time tartan started to make it's big come back. The tee shape feels quite masculine, yet the yellow colouring and kitten motif keep that playful feel to the outfit. To keep the outfit clean and grown up, I added the white collar (once again)

I finished off with Ray Ban shaped eye wear, which isn't as feminine as round frames but counteracted with a clutch rather than a backpack. My vintage denim jacket seemed the perfect grungey over layer and although I wish I'd worn a heeled boot, my Topshop Avengers work perfectly with the rest of the outfit to give that clean yet casual feel.

Can grunge ever be clean? Of course not! It's all about the dirt! But by the end of this shoot I'd been up for 30 hours, and it doesn't really get more rock and roll than that.


  1. Want these shorts!!
    They're amazing
    S xx

  2. Amazing shorts! Great outfit!

  3. Anonymous30.4.13

    How does these boots fit because they only sell half sizes and I wear a 8.5/9 in US sizing and don't know if I should get a 8.5 or 9.5 any suggestions ?


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